Tuition & Fees

2016-2017 Semester


Registration and Tuition Fees:


Registration fees are $40 per semester for a single FSA student or $60 per semester for a family enrollment of more than one student. You may pay the registration fee in cash or by check.  Checks should be made to Franklin Suzuki Academy.


Registration forms and fees are due at the first day of each semester.  Fall semester will begin on Monday, August 8th, 2016.



Tuition fees are paid directly to the private teachers and are due the first week of classes.  You may choose to pay half of the tuition fee the first week of classes and the second tuition payment is due on the scheduled first day of class the 8th week of classes each semester. Tuition includes weekly private lessons and weekly repertoire group classes.


2016-2017 Semester Tuition Fees:


16 weeks of private lessons with repertoire group classes:


-20 minute private lesson: $480.00  *(For 3-5 year old students only, at teachers’ recommendation)*
-30 minute private lesson: $576.00
-45 minute private lesson: $704.00
-1 hour private lesson: $864.00


Summer lessons are available.  Please email franklinsuzukiacademy@gmail.com for pricing and availability.  We are accepting new students!