Studio Policy

FSA Studio Policy


This Policy is provided to establish a clear understanding of what is expected of you and your child as well as the teachers at FSA.


Lesson Behavior

-Please arrive on time with all materials that will be needed for the lesson; lessons will not be extended for those that are not ready to begin on time.

-Parents must accompany their children to all lessons; parent involvement is an integral part of the Suzuki method.

-Family members are welcome. If siblings are attending, make sure they have a quiet activity as not to disrupt the lesson.

-Please turn off all cell phones before entering the lesson.

-Parents please bring a notebook to take notes during the lesson; this will ensure that practice goals are met at home during the week.

-Please take care of business at the beginning of the lesson not the end; i.e. paying of bills, anticipated absence, etc.


Tuition fees are paid directly to the private teachers and are due the first week of classes.  You may choose to pay half of the tuition fee the first week of classes and the second tuition payment is due on the scheduled first day of class the week of classes each semester.  There is a $10 late fee if the check is received 10 days past the due date. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.


Missed Lessons

Students are charged for all lessons for which they register. Notification of a lesson cancellation by a student is a courtesy to the teacher, but does not excuse payment for contracted lessons. With respect for the teachers’ making a livelihood and having other professional commitments at other times, we maintain a no make-up policy. FSA instructors are not obligated to schedule make up lessons for those missed to student non-attendance, illness, vacation, etc. If the teacher is absent, the lesson will be made up or extended into summer lessons.  The teacher is not obligated to make up missed make-up lessons.


Home Practice

To ensure the best progress and experience, students are required to practice the length of their lesson 6 days a week.  There is no magic when it comes to making progress.  You must put the time in to get rewarded! Establishing regular listening to the CD/tape is essential. Listening should be double practice time.


Group Repertoire Classes

Emphasis is placed on ear training and developing good posture, beautiful tone, and musical phrasing. Parents are required to attend all repertoire classes, including advanced classes. Group classes are mandatory.

Tardiness at groups is disruptive because the teacher needs to stop and tune the instrument for the student. Observation of groups or other private lessons is welcome.


Weather Cancellations
Cancellations due to weather are based on the Williamson County School Policy. If Williamson County is closed FSA group lessons will be cancelled. Please email your teacher to find out about your private lessons. You can refer to the radio, television, and internet for school closures.


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